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Our Story

The name MyLaurie was created in 2013 when I started my first shop Miss MyLaurie, meaning “miss my Laurie”. 

Laurie, a girl that I will never forget, let me think seriously about life - will I regret if I keep living the way I am? We cannot control the number of days we live, but we can definitely make everyday meaningful and filled with love. 
It is a very tough decision to leave a stable job and start everything from scratch. I cannot thank my hubby, my mother and my sister enough for all of their supports. Without them, Mrs. MyLaurie won’t exist. I thank my hubby for being very understanding and supportive. It is not pleasing to see a woman working like crazy everyday and leaving everything else behind, but I never hear a word of blame. I am such a lucky woman to know this gentle and loving man. 
With all the support and hard work, Mrs. MyLaurie was finally born in August 2014. It was named after Miss MyLaurie as many of the early products in Mrs. MyLaurie were made from materials sold in Miss MyLaurie. Mrs. MyLaurie is growing gradually and is offering unique personalized gifts to my lovely customers. I hope the products I design can create lots of unforgettable memories to you and your loved ones.

Creator & Owner of Mrs. MyLaurie